The Forum

The 10th edition of the Coastal and Marine Forum will be held from 29th of March to 1st of April 2022 in Guinea Bissau under the theme: "The health of the oceans, a challenge for the sustainable development of West African coastal countries".

The forum is an exceptional sharing experiences meeting which brings together high-level actors working in the field of conservation such as national and intergovernmental organisations, scientific institutions, NGOs and financial partners.

The Regional Coastal and Marine Forum is an initiative of the PRCM which has organised 9 editions since its inception in 2004.

Starting with the current edition, the PRCM intends to join forces with partner organisations to organise the Forum for enhanced interactive dialogue on current challenges. This significant meeting is a credible platform capable of bringing together the actors of the West African marine and coastal area and consolidating their actions around the issues of conservation and sustainable development of the coastline.