Felipe Paredes

 Vice-Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA)

Felipe Paredes is a Chilean marine biologist with over 20 years’ experience in scientific research, education and public policy in marine conservation.

He is currently Director of Marine Protected Areas at OCEANA in Chile and was for many years the National Coordinator of Marine Protected Areas for the Chilean Ministry of the Environment. He has extensive experience in marine protected areas, leading the designation, planning and implementation processes for MPAs in Rapa Nui, Juan Fernandez and Chilean Patagonia, among others. He also led a Global Environment Facility (GEF) project on marine and coastal ecosystem governance. In 2017, he organised the 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress IMPAC4 in La Serena, Chile and coordinated the CPPS Southeast Pacific MPA Working Group. In 2019, he coordinated the marine theme of the 3rd IUCN Congress of Latin American and Caribbean Protected Areas III CAPLAC in Lima, Peru.