The main activities of the Forum

1. Plenary conferences

The plenary sessions of the Forum include the opening and closing ceremonies, conferences based on key technical notes which will feed into the sessions and roundtables and project presentations.

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony is both short and dynamic. In addition to the official opening speech which is delivered by a high authority from the host country, the floor is given to 2 or 3 senior organizational representatives to open a direct dialogue with the participants.

Leaders Conferences

These plenary conference sessions from “key notes” leaders will review emerging and current issues related to the theme of the Forum. The presenters of the key notes are among conservation luminaries, renowned specialists or young leaders, from different fields linked to the theme of the forum.

2. Round tables

The “Round Table” sessions bring together leaders and high-level experts specializing in different fields related to ocean management. They provide an opportunity to review current and emerging issues relating to sustainable coastal management. The topics that will be discussed will  necessarily  relate to one of the sub-themes of the forum.

3. Parallel activities or side events

They are organized in the form of learning sessions, technical workshops, and organization fairs.


Learning sessions

They are open to professionals, allowing them to provide training on a technique, a proven practice, a tool, etc. in connection with the conservation and management of the marine and coastal zone.

Technical workshops

They are intended for conservation stakeholders wishing to present a technical or scientific communication and or share the results of an action or research, etc.

Organization fair sessions

These are specific sessions planned for conservation organizations and stakeholders in the coastal zone wishing to present an initiative and/or share project results, launch of a new tool, etc.