Viriato Luís Soares Cassamá

His Excellency Viriato Luís Soares Cassamá.

Guinea Bissau’s current Minister of the Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Action.

He is a key figure in the fields of conservation and adaptation to climate change. He is recognised for his commitment to and work on environmental projects and events, such as LEG stocktaking, and ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA).
Mr Cassamá played an important role in the mapping of climate finance flows to the ECOWAS-CILSS zone, in collaboration with Expertise France.
Mr Cassamá is also active in promoting the use of knowledge and products for ecosystem-based adaptation. He was one of the speakers at the EbA 2021 Knowledge Day, where he shared his experiences and knowledge on the importance of EbA in building resilience to climate change.