Mme.Sandra Kloff


Sandra Kloff is a Dutch biologist who began her work in the region in 1995, focusing on the biological control of invasive aquatic plants in the Djoudj National Park and Lac de Guiers in Senegal. Later, she served as a technical advisor for the IUCN Wetlands Restoration and Conservation Program in Mauritania, where she helped facilitate more inclusive management between resource users and authorities.

In addition to her fieldwork, Sandra chaired a working group of the CEESP Commission of the IUCN and acted as an advisor to the Programme Biodiversity Oil and Gas, providing technical advice to the Mauritanian Prime Minister and other institutions and stakeholders on the environmental management of the offshore oil and gas sector.

Currently, Sandra works as an external expert for the Dutch Commission of Impact Assessment, offering her expertise on mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into the sectors of green hydrogen, mining, and oil and gas.